"9 x Artists Walls", group exhibition 

ArtSpace TLV, June 22nd-July 8th 2017

Curator: Nir Harmat

6 Shvil Ha-Meretz, Tel Aviv




"Reshef investigates the tension between the fulfillment of creative control and the possibilities of creative surrender."

Nir Harmat, curator, Tel Aviv

“Reshef’s works suggest something that is beyond our familiarity with the world. By doing this they expand our sight.”

Joshua Simon, chief curator, Bat Yam Museum

“If the spiritual dimension is characterized by an underlying oneness, not only of all beings but of all things—all matter—Reshef’s paintings inhabit that space.”

Stephen Maine, painter and writer, NY


“Reshef has an ongoing engagement with the boundaries of painting, giving freedom of action while also marking the framework.”

Sagi Refael, curator, LA & Tel Aviv