April 2018 | Artists House, Tel Aviv
The wall mural Intervals, which presents twenty faux windows revealing bold, abstract monochrome paintings, imparts a "new façade" to the southern wall of the Tel Aviv Artists House.
February 2018 | Curator: Sagi Refael
The cross-shaped installation alludes to a spiritual compass–a lighthouse in a time of turmoil–that is marking a safe place to lead its viewer toward.
14 December 2017 | By: Jacqueline Bell Johnson
Currently exhibiting in the Tall Wall Space is Time Traveler, a painting installation by Rotem Reshef. This monumental piece consists of six massive canvases, unstretched and interwoven directly on the wall.
28 November 2017 | Curator: Alessandro Berni
Rotem Reshef will have her first solo show in Chelsea, New York, at Alessandro Berni Gallery November 28th- December 14th 2017.
10 October 2017 | By: Shana Nys Dambort
From Monet to Vivaldi, the Bible to the Byrds, countless poets and painters, myth-makers and bards have been captivated by the turning of the seasons. And so too artist Rotem Reshef, whose monumental painting installation Time Traveler not only takes insp
Campus Times | By: Nadira Fatah & Tyler Evains
As soon as you walk into the Arts and Communications Building, a blend of icy blues, inviting yellows, calming purples and warm reds emanates from the left and draws attention to the 33-foot-by-46-foot wall. “Time Traveler” by New York and Tel Aviv-based
5 September 2017 | Curator: Sagi Refael
The University of La Verne is thrilled to announce the exhibition of Action painter Rotem Reshef and her newest work, Time Traveler, a large-scale installation made of interwoven, hand-painted scrolls that will cover a 400 x 554 inch wall.
June 2017 | Curator: Nir Harmat
Rotem Reshef participates in a group exhibition of 9 artist walls, by 9 members of the non-for-profit art initiative ArtSpace TLV.
5 May 2017 | Curators: Michael Klein & Kipton Cronkite
Participating artists: Lynda Benglis, Richmond Burton, Peter Dayton, Maureen Dougherty, Bean Finneran James Greco ,Mary Heilmann, Frank Holliday, Robert Lobe, Kathryn Lynch, Rotem Reshef, Julian Schnabel, Peter Schuyff, Tad Wiley.
23 Februar 2017 | Curator: Sagi Refael
התערוכה "חתירה למגע" מעלה סוגיות של קרבה "גדולה מדי", הכורכת רצון לחום ואינטימיות מחד ולשליטה מאידך, עם פוטנציאל לאלימות. אותו עימות הרסני יכול להיות עצמי, או כלפי הזולת, הוא עשוי לנבוע מתנאי לחץ חברתיים-תחרותיים או הפנמה של היררכיות תרבותיות שמרניות, ולה
4-26 November 2016
The hybrid connection of these two artists hypnotizes the viewer with a stream of fluid colorfulness, that takes over the entire gallery space, from floor to ceiling, wrapping, climbing, hanging and standing, beautifully echoing flat and 3-dimensional ima
July 2016
״התנסות ראשונה בהכנסת הצופים לשיטוט בתוך הציור....המשנה את צורתו הדו־מימדית, לכדי חוויה תלת מימדית עוטפת״. מקום לאמנות, שביל המרץ 6, תל אביב.
August 2016
סדרת רישומים מקסימה והומוריסטית, חווית אמנות עוטפת והביאנלה השמינית לקרמיקה הישראלית במיחזור חיי החומר. חמש תערוכות בארץ שלא כדאי לפספס
August 2016
2016 אוגוסט הציור של רתם רשף מתגבש מאירועים אקראיים למחצה, המהווים תוצר של יחסי שליטה ושחרור שלה מול הצבע ומול הבד. בתהליך העבודה שלה, רשף מצמצמת את המרחק ואת ההיררכיה בין האמנית הפעילה לבין מצע הציור, וזורעת בתוכו התרחשויות קטנות, המנווטות את אופיה של ה
July 2016
ציוריה גדולי הממדים, הפתייניים והצבעוניים של רותם רשף הם באמת תאווה לעיניים, בכל פעם שאני עוברת ליד הסטודיו שלה אני מציצה בסקרנות לראות את העבודות, חלקן תלויות על הקיר וחלקן עוד על הרצפה – בתהליך. התערוכה החדשה מספקת לנו חוויה חושית יוצאת דופן. רשף בנתה מ
28 July - 20 August 2016
Control l Release is a site-specific installation curated by Sagi Refael, that transforms 2-dimensional scrolls of paintings, into a 3-dimensional sculptural installation in the gallery’s space.
New collaboration, June 2016
Excited to collaborate with the well-known Los Angeles-based interior designer Thomas Lavin, and to exhibit several paintings from my "Deep" and "Imprints" series in his luxury showroom, at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. Thomas L
June 2016
The group exhibition 'Secret Art 8' opened in June 2016 at the beautiful Mani House in Tel Aviv, in collaboration with Leumi Bank. The exhibition presented anonymous artworks by established and emerging artists side by side, and gave the audience the chan
אשר קשר, 25 מרץ 2016, צילום: ריאן
הרפדים, הנגרים ובעלי המוסכים הוותיקים עוזבים את המפעלים הקטנים ואת סדנאות הייצור בקריית המלאכה. את מקומם תופסים אמנים שחולמים להפוך את המתחם האפור בדרום העיר למרכז התרבות החדש של תל אביב
ינואר 2016 | אוצר: ניר הרמט
התערוכה 'איראן איראן' מבקשת לשרטט את האופן בו נתפסת באופן מורכב ומרובד 'איראן' כמושג, כמקום, כמראה או כתפיסת עולם בעיניהן של שש עשרה אמניות, חברות קבוצת UNIT – E. אוצר: ניר הרמט
December 2015
Call for Chelsea 2015 addresses concerns with the constructs of capitalism. In it's opening year, Art's Aura in the Age of Turbo-Capitalism features contemporary artists creating within our constantly expanding, market driven world.
December 2015
With over 75 art fairs spanning more than 15 years, SCOPE is celebrated as the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming.
October 2015
Italia Docet | Laboratorium - Artists, Participants, Testimonials and Activated Spectators is an official collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale organized by the i-AM Foundation and curated by Leonardo Rotatori.
אוקטובר 2015
רתם רשף נבחרה להיות אמנית החודש במגזין המקוון - האונה הימנית
October 2015 | Dalia Danon
שלוש מעבודותיה של רתם רשף מוצגות במסגרת ׳קיר אמן׳ בחלל הכניסה של הגלריה של ׳מקום לאמנות׳ בקרית המלאכה בתל אביב
24 August 2015
Rotem Reshef participates in the 30th Tallahassee International exhibition at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts.
June 2015
A short visit at Rotem Reshef's studio in Tel Aviv [ ]
July 2015
This summer Rotem Reshef will participate in the summer residency program at the SVA – School of Visual Arts, NYC.
June 2015
Rotem Reshef participates in a group exhibition at FLORENTIN45 Gallery in Tel Aviv, curated by Gilat Elkeslasi Nadivi and Vera Pilpoul
18 April 2015
Rotem Reshef was selected to participate in the 53rd International Exhibition, curated by David A. Ross, held at the San Diego Art Institute, California.
March 15 2015
ArtSpaceTLV, a non-profit organization, is delighted to invite you to a new exhibition: 9 X artists walls
27 January 2015
Erev Rav, the independent ,Israeli, online magazine for Arts, Culture and Society, edited by Yonatan Amir and Ronen Eidelman, published the Hebrew version of the interview with Rotem Reshef, originally published at the Australian Magazine, Dumbo Feather.
October 2014 | Jane Nethercote
To see Rotem Reshef‘s paintings is to fall in love. To see them again is to dive deeper and want to start swimming.
14 September 2014
The voice and vision of 60 artists from across the world will be presented in the exhibition “Emergence 2014
7 August 2014
A : / > fomat is a group exhibition in the new and upcoming gallery space, Art Space TLV
26 June 2014
A studio opening event
6 February 2014
Mercedez Benz New York Fashion Week F/W 2014
16 January 2014 | Kipton Cronkite
During Sundance 2014, Founder Kipton Cronkite has curated “Nature vs. Media” which explores the defiance to go beyond the confines of new media in the pursuit to capture nature and the emotions of spirituality.
25 May 2013
QF - Quattlebaum Foretich - Gallery is pleased to announce our summer 2013 opening exhibition, A Picnic and Smokes, curated by Kipton Cronkite.
8 April 2013
"Art, to me, is an emotional reaction to life. As a collector and advisor, I seek out artists who epress themselves in ways that stimulate various reactions in me."
21 January 2013
Selected and presented by Bradford Shellhammer, who curated this special artist presentation.
6 December 2012
In December 2012, Through Art Basel Miami, Reshef participated in a special collaboration of art and fashion between @60” - the Hight of Art and MCM, Luxury Leather Goods.
2 May 2012 | Petru Russu
The pivot of Reshef's painting is light and color. Both alter and lead the eye to different places and both are there inside it.
17 December 2010 | Suzie Walsh
“the spirituality in art” is well evidenced by the thoughtful and delicate acrylic abstractions of Israeli artist, Rotem Reshef.
1 December 2010 | Abraham Lubelski
The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series – December
8 November 2010 | KiptonArt Blog
Global Arts Projects presents The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series.
4 November 2010
the International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series - catalogue preview
3 November 2010 | בנין ודיור
The painting "The Reef" decorates the living room of a house in Caesarea, designed by Gal Marom.
1 May 2010
The prestigious Genagricola Estage vineyard is marketing a commemorative line of their acclaimed wine displaying Reshef’s paintings
6 March 2010
The artist Rotem Reshef is the winner of the special prize for "Business for Art" in the competition Arte Laguna 2009.
4 March 2010 | Ron Bartos
One would be right to regard Rotem Reshef’s paintings in terms of music, which share with it a common language based in the abstract
4 March 2010 | Ron Bartos
נכון להתייחס לציור של רתם רשף במונחים של מוזיקה, אשר חולקים איתו שפה משותפת שבסיסה מופשט ושאיפתה לרומם את הרוח.
6 August 2009 | Joshua Simon
The color in Rotem Reshef’s paintings changes one from a viewer to a seer.