I am a process-based painter, following the tradition of abstract Action painters as Pollock, Louis and Frankenthaler, yet creating my own way to view and experience painting.

I developed a method of painting that centers on the idea of “control and release”, spreading diluted paint on a horizontal surface, and altering it with plastic sheets that cover the wet paint until it dries. Accordingly, an ongoing process of change stems, in which the composition is set free, while I let the painting lead the way and “create itself”.

I am using common, unpoetic materials as plastic sheets, bubble wraps and threads, which are often used to coat and protect objects. They “suffocate” the richness of the colors, and imprint their own textures. Once peeled off, they create a “ghostly appearance”, mirroring a hint of their reflection, turning the blank canvas into a rich organic field, charged with new meaning, as well as a silent witness to a procedure that was left “out of the picture”.

The paintings are seeking to preserve and renew, layering up memories and hints from former paintings and processes. I am re-using the plastic sheets from one painting to another, hence dry paint crumbs embed themselves on new surfaces, linking the different paintings in a bodily, secret way.

In 2010 I began working on large-scroll paintings, and since 2016 I have started exploring the form of painting installation, in which unstretched scrolls of paintings create a three-dimensional, overlapping experience for the viewing audience. Instead of standing in front of a painting, the visitors step into one. The scrolls of painting hang from ceiling to floor, surrounding the gallery, leading the viewers into a unique visual world that presents the challenging painting process and reveals its complexity and beauty.