Arte Laguna 2009 - Special Prize

6 March 2010

The Artist Rotem Reshef is the winner of the 2009 Arte Laguna prize in "Business for Art", the Tenuta S. Anna Contemporary Art prize, the result of an international competition held March 6th 2010.

Arte Laguna, an international competition in painting, sculpture and photography, held annually in Venice for the past four years, is one of the more prestigious art competitions in Italy. It is composed of several categories including the Arte Laguna official competition, Art and Business prize competition, as well as awards connecting an artist with a gallery. The Panel of Judges of the competitions included the curators and art critics Viviana Siviero, Igor Zanti, Alessandro Trabucco and Stefano Coletto.

The Tenuta S. Anna Art and Business competition connects between the prestigious Genagricola Estage vineyard, one of the largest in Italy, and the winning artist. In mid May 2010 the vineyard began marketing a special line of their acclaimed wine displaying Reshef’s paintings. this unique line composed of 10,000 bottles of white 2009 Tai Classico depicting the painting Bloom, and 10,000 bottles of red 2008 Refosco depicting Wander Tree on the bottle label. The bottles will be distributed for a limited run throughout the world.