In My Garden, group exhibition

5 May 2017 | Curators: Michael Klein & Kipton Cronkite

Step into the garden there are plants and trees, there are tools and fences and pots to fill. This exhibition of paintings and sculpture brings together a very diverse group of artists whose themes or subject matter could find their way into a garden as either a representation of nature or ornamentation from nature. The painters here are inspired by nature: flowers by #PeterDayton and #KathrynLynch and landscape garden for #MaureenDougherty or the atmospheres of a garden imagined by #RichmondBurton, #RotemReshef and #PeterSchuyff . As abstract painters #FrankHolliday and #TadWiley are inspired by the color and light of an imaginary garden. #LyndaBenglis and #BeanFinneran share an interest in the creation of hive like shapes , for Benglis it is wax, for Finneran ceramic. And #RobertLobe’s tableau is a wall relief of a tree growing from between rocks. Lastly #MaryHeilmann and #JulianSchnabel present works on paper influenced by this time of year.