Time Traveler Part II: Compass, solo show at Kwan Fong Gallery, CA

February 2018 | Curator: Sagi Refael

Time Traveler Part II: Compass

On view February 15–April 5, 2018

Opening reception Saturday, Feb. 17 | 5 p.m.

A site-specific installation of interwoven scrolls by artist Rotem Reshef, Time Traveler highlights our interaction with, and interpretation of, the four seasons. Human lives are connected to the seasons through ritual, culture and tradition. Seasonal transitions mark the passage of time, whether on an agricultural or a religious calendar. In Time Traveler, Reshef manifests a perception of time that is not segmented, as four distinctive seasons that come one after the other, but rather as a collision of temperatures and atmospheres that melt and clash into each other. These manifestations are reminiscent of the dramatic climate changes we face, as communities experience extreme cold or hurricanes, mirrored by fires and heat waves.

The cross-shaped installation alludes to a spiritual compass–a lighthouse in a time of turmoil–that is marking a safe place to lead its viewer toward. Just as the seasons collide on this compass, so too do East and West (and North and South), a migration of peoples incites angst. Cultures and religions come together, and borders dissipate.

In a polemic era, the monumentality of this piece offers a sanctuary of silent observation and infinite interpretations. Time Traveler: Compass invites the audience to explore and contemplate the potential of art to be an inspiring vessel that is relevant to our everyday lives, as a commentary and as a vehicle to promote personal and cultural growth. This large-scale installation is best experienced in person. Curated by Sagi Refael.

Rotem Reshef is a process-driven abstract action artist. She is a graduate of Hamidrasha School of Art, Israel (1988), and earned her Master’s from the Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdam (2004). Her works are found in private collections across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Australia. She lives and works in Tel Aviv and New York City.


Kwan Fong Gallery

California Lutheran Gallery
120 Memorial Parkway
Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360